Our aim this year is simple: revolutionize fitness in West Michigan. A bold claim indeed, how are we to accomplish such a feat? Well, the solution is just as, if not more simple than the claim itself. Sprinting. Now, I am sure some of you reading this may be scratching your head, as that “solution” seems both anticlimactic and unpractical. Rest assured, this is not my first rodeo, follow and trust. Here are the 3 reasons why we sprint train our adult population:

Reason #1: Sprint for your life!

Is there a more primal, innate quality that has endured the test of time other than sprinting? Think about it – cavemen either had to sprint to find food, or sprint to not become food. Now, a dramatic example indeed, but hopefully you get my point. Sprinting is a quality that will aid you in the rest of your life, whether you wish to play with your kids and grandkids in your twilight years, get from A to B without assistance (walker, wheelchair, etc.), or be free from injury by preventing the degradation of reaction time. In short, sprinting will extend your life by delaying the aging process through movement. As the saying goes, “Use it or lose it.”

Reason #2: Improved body composition.

One of the best choices I ever made was going “all in” on sprinting. It wasn’t long before I realized, there are no 280 lb. sprinters, my body got rid of excess fat in a hurry! Our bodies are smarter than we are, it will always choose the path of least resistance, and if we are constantly exposing it to sprinting, it will make the decision that all the extra “drag” is not making this activity easy to accomplish. Voila, fat be gone! Just look at the animal kingdom, a lion is not nearly as fast as a cheetah, why? The cheetah, through years of adaptation and evolution, shed any excess weight that would inhibit high speeds needed to slay the nearest water buffalo. Determined to be a “product of my product” if you will, I made the decision to embark on the quest for speed, and the results were baffling.

Figure 1: 12-Weeks of sprinting elicited 25 lbs. lost and development of lean tissue.

If we were going to change lives, I knew I had to first change my own. The results I obtained from sprinting sold me. It was at that point I knew we had to make a change to the way adults train in West Michigan.

Reason #3: Mental health and happiness.

As colleague and friend, Derek Hansen once said, “Nothing feels better than moving fast with ease.” Not to mention, the endorphins released after a great sprint training session leave you in euphoric state. Our physical bodies give us the capacity to do work, which makes its “upkeep” if you will, essential if we are to be productive in the office, at home, etc. While having lunch with #freakfam member, Kelly – we discussed the happiness brought about after a good run and/or training session. The feeling induced is so powerful, our bodies crave it without us actually knowing – you know I’m right. To all the runners reading this, when is the last time a good run alleviated a cranky afternoon? I rest my case.


Sprint training does not have to be complicated, nor do we intend it to be. Complexity is a symptom of confusion, we aim to deliver the safest, most effective and efficient product available to those looking to improve. While I could literally yack all day about sprinting and its benefits, the three in this article (hopefully) get the point across. As we age, any task that seems to be intense, time consuming, or extreme is often discouraging to say the least. Life is too short to become discouraged by simple tasks, with that said, make a change and sprint for your life!



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