Crossfit Is Not The Answer.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the better part of 10 years, it is well-known that Crossfit is all the rage in the fitness industry today. Only problem? Not only is at “all bark”, but it is also “all bite”. What do I mean? How about 36 pec tears at May’s Crossfit Regionals, get the picture?

The ignorance of this “sport” is laughable, there is absolutely no rhyme or reason to what a W.O.D. (whatever the hell that means) prescribes. From the injuries, the shaken morale, and the sad state of affairs that is Crossfit, it appears to me that a coach will simply throw a bunch of shit at the wall, see what sticks, and deem it an outstanding workout. Unfortunately, common sense is not so common these days. Only a moron would prescribe power cleans for more than 5 reps in a single set. Yet, at several Crossfit gyms, it is a daily occurrence to witness Olympic lifts performed for reps that venture deep into 10s, 15s, dare I say 20 – not smart. Picture your body as a series of chain links, when performing Olympic lifting variations (cleans, jerks, snatches) for more than 5 reps in any given set, you are asking for the weak link to break somewhere along the chain, and Crossfitters wonder why they have severe back pain?

So why the draw to Crossfit? What entices someone to darken the doors of these box gyms? One word – community. I admit, Crossfit has done a fabulous job creating an enormous want for people to be a part of something, a seeking of identity, a family-like atmosphere. The danger (both literal and figurative) is this shroud of association blinds the general public to the risks and threats Crossfit poses to their health, much less their fitness. Fortunately, that is where fitness professionals in the private sector enter the fray.

Our job involves a systematic and holistic process to address individuals’ needs, assess their level of “life readiness” (thank you, Mike Coval), and provide a plan customized to not only establish their goal(s), but to predict how and when they shall achieve it. A core value of ours at Freak Faktory Barbell & Sports Performance is “Take the Stairs” meaning we slow-cook everything: slow to fast, general to specific, simple to complex. One needs to demonstrate to us as coaches that they are able to own their body and demonstrate strength throughout entire ranges of motion before we even consider handing them a barbell. Adhering to this core value kills two birds with one stone:

  1. Establishes proper movement and proficiency.
  2. Builds confidence.

Now, don’t get me wrong, our adult population still “gets after it” and will still lift heavy weights, but it is all done under the watchful eyes of competent coaches and smart, sound programming. Every day is not do or die, every session is not high intensity, nor does every workout possess a “no pain, no gain mentality”. The head of our adult program, Mary Kate Welch, empowers women and is changing lives on a daily basis. Think I’m blowing smoke up your ass? The proof is in the pudding:

  • One client has lost 14 lbs. after 12 weeks of training under Mary Kate’s guidance. More importantly, she gained a level of confidence that empowered her to end a toxic relationship. She’s never felt better about herself.
  • Another client of hers had just gotten a divorce when she walked into our building for the first time. During this time, she had been seeing a counselor, and after a period of time had passed, her counselor exclaimed verbatim, “Training with Mary Kate is the best decision you have ever made.” Powerful stuff.

In conclusion, if you or someone you know is looking to explore the realm of fitness and general health, please do your research. There is plenty of evidence that shows regimens such as Crossfit and others alike do more harm, than good. The core focus of our facility is to build better bodies, athletes, and people through training, if you would like more information on some of our special offers, please visit our website. I should warn you, doing so will change your life! Crossfit is not the answer, we are.



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