Do you really want to read another persuasive (BULLSH*T) blog about the latest and greatest “fab” in fitness – only to give you temporary results until your body can no longer take the impact of the joint-destroying cross-fit circuits, puke-inducing fitness challenges, or strange butt-boosting programs with false claims?

I didn’t think so.

Lets skip all of that noise.  It is getting very old. Lets talk about the oldest and GREATEST way in the book to get the body you want along with the life you want.

Let’s talk Strength (Resistance) Training.

I am sure this is not the first time you have heard of this training method.  Notice, Strength Training has always been and always will be. That’s because it works!

Strength Training gives real results that last. It changes lives. I have seen it happen before my eyes over and over again.

Now – before you go freaking out and get intimidated by the idea of “bulking” up too much, let me make something clear. “Bulking” cannot happen without a lot of testosterone, which the female body does not have.  So any of those women you have seen who look like big ripped dudes…. they are probably getting some assistance in the drug department…if you catch my drift.

So you can go ahead and put all the worries above to rest.

While most sources will say women should strength train because by getting toned they will get sexier, there are many additional (better) benefits women can reap from weight training. Using a combination of science and real-life experience, I’m going to prove why all you ladies need to ditch what you’re doing and get to lifting!


This is the most obvious benefit of strength training. You get to build your perfect body.  However you want it.

I encourage all of my women to focus on what their bodies can DO and push them to strive to get STRONGER and to get BETTER each day they train. I also understand that strength is not the biggest priority for everyone.

Perhaps you don’t care about strength or any of the other (awesome) reasons on this list of benefits. Maybe, the only thing you care about is looking better naked or awesome in your favorite skinny jeans.

You are still in luck.

From reducing fat, to creating a toned or rock solid look, weight training is the best tool for the job. The more muscle mass you have, the higher your metabolism is—even when you’re just hanging out on the couch…Higher metabolism means more calories burned after the workout is over!


The primary goal of many popular workout programs is simply to burn as many calories as possible. It’s not surprising that people feel exhausted, sore, and unmotivated at the end of their current workouts.

YOU DON’T HAVE TO FEEL LIKE YOU ARE DYING. Fatigue is not a proper indicator of a good workout. You shouldn’t be crashing after a week of training.

Strength training, when done properly, will make you feel amazing.  It’s perfectly acceptable (and very encouraged) to finish a training session feeling better than when you started. This not only helps you train more effectively over the long haul, it also helps you maintain motivation to continue training and making progress.

Your body will also thank you outside of the gym.

Stronger muscles and bones make you more stable and agile making you less prone to injury in or out of the gym as well as reducing your odds of developing osteoporosis later in life.

You will experience better sleep quality, increased energy levels, and domination of daily activities; improved cognition, reduce your chances of early death, improved organ function, increased sex drive, even better BOOBS, better skin, better hair…(say what)!?  Your entire life benefits – making you a better human.


YOU WILL BE A BADDASS.  You WILL become a better version of yourself.

It’s no wonder why all those beefcake meatheads strut through life showing off their muscles.  You’ll want to too! You will feel like you can conquer whatever life throws at you…and you’ll be right!  You’ll gain strength both physically and mentally.  Don’t be surprised when that strength starts kicking life’s ass.

I could go on for days about all of the stories I have of clients and their amazing transformations.  Stories of women who are conquering life in a way they never thought they could, ditching their crappy relationships, finding new love, pursuing new careers with passion, excelling in college athletics and so much more.

When you embrace strength training as a tool to becoming the best version of yourself, and to explore all the incredible things your body can do…you’ll discover for yourself just how much more it adds to your life.


Mary Kate

“The ultimate way to empower a woman is to give her the space to make all of the decisions she wants about her body and her life, including changing her aesthetics, without judgment.” – Molly Galbraith

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