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Hunter Charneski, MS

Owner/Founder and Visionary

Hunter is a nationally recognized expert in the realm of Physical Preparation. He has impacted thousands of athletes and coaches in the industry by being a guest on several podcasts, published in magazines, as well as numerous speaking and consulting engagements.

His passion is helping athletes “bridge the gap” between good and great, this is something that Freak Faktory Barbell & Sports Performance embodies and strives to live by every single day.

Hunter is a continuing education-junkie, no more than 8-12 weeks pass before he attends a summit, seminar, or private event to always be sure that he and his staff are constantly delivering the best system in the world for strength, power and speed.

Hunter received his Masters Degree from California University of Pennsylvania. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA), Certified Advanced Physical Preparation Specialist (CPPS), Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES), Certified Speed Specialist (NASE), and Specialist in Fitness Nutrition (ISSA).

Thomas Bowes

Director of Performance and Head of Operations

Thomas is a Physical Preparation coach who has all the tools to help any athlete he trains reach their true potential. Thomas is a former collegiate athlete (Soccer, Cornerstone University) and he is an expert in all things mobility, flexibility, and general wellness.

His true passion lies in programming while ensuring each athlete that walks through our doors is receiving the best service in the industry. He embraces the process and does not take short-cuts.

Thomas oversees all aspects of training, programming, and systemizing processes in order to be sure that each athlete receives a service that is unique to him or her and therefore gains the most benefit from it.

MaryKate Welch

General Manager and Integrator

MaryKate runs the day-to-day operations of Freak Faktory Barbell & Sports Performance in addition to coaching her semi-private clientele consisting of moms, college-aged women as well as elite female athletes.

She wakes up every single day with the mission to change a life for the better. Her clients adhere to her passionate style of coaching and individualized programs in order to obtain their health and wellness goal(s).

MaryKate aspires to make an impact on young female athletes in the community as they are a large population who desperately need guidance and a positive role model all while clearing the path for Freak Faktory to have a positive effect on as many people as possible.


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