Everyone knows New Year’s Resolutions are a sham, the percentage of successes are so minimal, they barely register as “blip” on the proverbial radar. Why is it that these goals are rarely met? Has anyone actually delved into that inquiry? Sure, there may be a myriad of superficial reasons: money, time, convenience, etc. I roll my eyes when I hear those excuses, they are surface level – meaningless. They are not worth your time, so why give them power or control over you and your actions? I have a theory as to why most New Year’s Resolutions fail, it is a double-edged sword with merciless accuracy. It is the absence of both behavioral change and accountability. You see, it does not matter how well-intentioned your goal(s) may be, if you are not willing to make a behavioral change while simultaneously being held accountable by outside entities, you are doomed to fail.

The solution? Call me crazy, but those who have lofty goals, need a coach – period. Liken your goal(s) to your favorite blockbuster hit. Shall we use Star Wars as an example? Luke Skywalker has a “goal” if you will, to defeat Darth Vader’s empire, but it isn’t until he meets (or in our case, hires) Obi Wan Kenobi that he is given a plan to trust “The Force” and become a Jedi, so he may then go and defeat the empire. Still not sold? Okay, Hunger Games. Katniss’ “goal” is to survive so District 12 is not destroyed. Knowing that, her “coach” Hamich, provides her with a plan to endear the public, receive sponsors, and not only compete but win the Hunger Games. In both scenarios, Luke and Katniss would not have achieved success had they not made the behavioral change to seek help from outside entities to hold them accountable by providing the guidance to avoid failure and find success. How do we emulate this process for our adult population at Freak Faktory? Follow and trust:

What do you want?

What fitness goal do you wish to achieve in 2018? You want to lose 30 lbs., gain muscle, run a half-marathon, something else? Defining what you want and achieving crystal-like clarity on your goal is the first step, unfortunately, this is where the easy part ends.

Your obstacles:

Villain: Every movie (or goal) has a villain, what is yours? We will help you identify what that might be. Is it time? Your boss? A rude neighbor? Even (at times) your spouse?

External: This is what I like to call the first layer. An external problem may be the lack of endurance needed to run a half-marathon, or if you own a restaurant, the external problem may be hunger.

Internal: Now we are beginning to peel back layers of the onion. Internal problems may consist of things such as: lack of confidence, or the shroud of being unfulfilled. For example, Starbucks solves the external problem of people wanting a caffeine fix, but the internal solution they provide is the feeling of sophistication – tell me I’m wrong.

Philosophical: This is where you and your “movie” become larger than the journey itself. This is all about the question, why? Folks who drive Tesla do so, more often than not, because they feel their choice of car ought to help save the environment. How does this relate to your goal and what we do? Well, my staff and I feel life itself is too short to have issues with self-esteem or being unfulfilled. You have taken a chance on yourself, you shouldn’t have to go through this alone.

The Guide

If you haven’t picked up on this yet, we are here to not be the “hero” on your journey, but to simply be the guide who provides you with the plan and a level of autonomy to go from good-to-great. This is not about us, trust me. You are the rock-star, we are just the groupies who are obsessed with your success. What makes us different is that we have empathy and authority, we have been where you are at, and we have the level of expertise needed to guide you to greatness while avoiding failure.

The Plan

Our Process plan could not be simpler:

  1. Schedule an Intake Interview
  2. Goal-setting, Evaluation, Professional Prescription
  3. Begin your transformation

The most powerful things in the world are simple in nature, we are not the type to dress something up with all the bells and whistles you can dream of. Truth is, we could get the same results if we did what we do in a tent. Structure is irrelevant, content is.

Call to Action, Avoid Failure, End in Success

Everything up to this point is useless unless you are given a Call to Action. We are going to hold you accountable, how easy would it be to simply provide a “tried and true” program without being held on the hook for the duration? We train people, not robots. We are going to invest in the relationship, not the program itself. Will you get results without a relationship with someone? Sure. Will your results be far more exponential if the relationship is the priority? Without question. Trust me, we have seen this “movie” before.

When a strong relationship is built, forget failure, doubt won’t even creep in, because the results will be fast and are here to stay. That is powerful, that is why we do what we do.


So, you’ve got your New Year’s Resolution – what are you going to do with it? The proof is in the pudding, movies that do well at the box office provide the outline listed above, what kind of “movie” are you going to direct in 2018? Let us be your guide.



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