Three Things Parents Need To Know About Training.

Price? Really?

I am astonished whenever a parent will tell a member of my staff or myself that, “The price is too high.” when it comes to our services. What’s more, the parents that refuse to meet with me without knowing the rate schedule, I am as stunned as you. To literally “shop” around for your child, looking for the lowest price when it comes to training, is both neglectful and cruel. I would ask those parents if they would be so economical in their search if it came to their children’s food, dentist, or doctor? I sure would hope not. If you have not caught on yet, price is not what a parent in search of training should be focused on. Still don’t believe me? Lets say your child wants to play beyond high school, and the average tuition (per year) at a Big Ten University is $26,871. The average contract (per month) at our facility is ~$200/month, add that up over a high schooler’s career and you have a total of $9,600 for training, a whopping 35% of the tuition for only one year of college. Perhaps a child’s success and eventual scholarship makes the investment worth a second look. Hopefully, I have made my point that if price is the deciding factor in a training facility, the boat has been missed. However, there are three things a parent should most definitely be looking for when training:

Better Bodies

Whatever your goal, whether you are a mother-of-three, a college student getting her beach body ready for summer, or an athlete of any age, you are going to see changes in your physique in as little as 12 weeks, that is a promise. What’s more, if you are still worried about price, you can either pay for your daughter to be healthy and strong, or pay for her medical bills. There is surmounting evidence that shows how much more females are prone to ACL tears due to their enhanced Q-Angle, click here to read more The beginning of every client’s membership (optional) includes a “before” picture, followed by an “after” shot 12 weeks later. The transformations are incredible, but what is more rewarding is the looks on our client’s faces when they see themselves. Check out our Instagram for some insane results.

Better Athletes

As we are mostly known for being thee authority in the sports performance industry, it would make sense for us to guarantee a bigger, stronger, and faster athlete. We do not bring “sport” into our facility, so if you are looking for “functional” or “specific” training, you are going to be disappointed because that is not our style. What is our style is upon receiving a decent basketball player, in 12 weeks time, if nothing changes skill-wise with his coaches, we will give back to you a bigger, stronger, and faster decent basketball player. How could excelling in those three areas not help his game? I rest my case.

Better People

Forget the physical transformations, who cares about the performance enhancements, if a facility is consistently thrusting better individuals into this crazy world, I would suggest a hard look at that spot. We believe in making better people, period. So much so, we have included that aspect in our three uniques:

  1. Group training, personal touch.
  2. We learn faster than the competition.
  3. Relationships and results.

Caring for each individual that walks through our doors is not something we take lightly, we are going to develop a relationship with every athlete we come into contact with, end of story. It is not uncommon for us to receive emails and texts from both athletes and their parents raving about their maturity, trustworthiness, and new found drive. Do any of those things have to do with performance or success on the field? No, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Price is what you pay, value is what you get. Judge not the training by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant. Our mission statement is what we feel training should be about; building better bodies, athletes, and people through training. Parents, you simply cannot put a price tag on those.



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